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Better to have an experienced driver, and an onboard mechanic.

Posted by: Ben Ayala
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Michoacán is recognized in México for its perfect combination of colors and flavors, the melancholy and joy of its music, the joy and vitality of its dances, its cultural wealth, its traditions and history, its villages and towns, and its natural beauty. 

All of this makes Michoacán ideally situated for travel into the extraordinary heart and soul of México, answering the call of alternative tourism — whether it's adventure tourism, ecotourism, or rural tourism.
  • Tourists looking for breathtaking views are advised to have a four-wheel-drive vehicle, an experienced driver, and an onboard mechanic.

* * * 

John the Baptist came to announce the good news of the coming Messiah to those traveling on rough roads and through barren landscape. 

Repeating the words of the prophet Isaiah written centuries earlier, he urged curious crowds to “prepare the way for the Lord” and to “make straight paths for him” (Luke 3:4–5; Isa. 40:3)

John knew that if the people of Jerusalem were going to be ready to welcome their long-awaited Messiah their hearts needed to change.

  • Mountains of religious pride would need to come down. 
  • Those in the valley of despair because of their broken lives would need to be lifted up.

Neither could be done by human effort alone. 

Those who refused to respond to the Spirit of God by accepting John’s baptism of repentance failed to recognize their Messiah when He came (Luke 7:29–30).

Yet those who saw their need for change 
discovered in Jesus the goodness and wonder of God.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Brothers and Sisters, let's pray: 

"Father in heaven, we need You to do in us what we cannot do for ourselves. Please remove any mountain of pride or valley of despair that would keep us from welcoming You into our lives, Amen"
~ ~ ~

Repentance clears the way for our walk with God !


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