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One cannot undo the original act except through forgiveness....God will forgive.

Aportacion de: Ben Ayala

DEUT 23:2 – IS the key scripture dealing with the curse of the bastard. A child conceived out of wedlock is a bastard even if the couple marries after conception because the sin of fornication was committed before the marriage. This curse applies to the child, the parents and can go down the line for ten generations in the parent’s descendents. Some people say that "I was conceived out of wedlock but my parents got married before I was born. Is the bastard curse still there?" YES, it is. One cannot undo the original act except through forgiveness and breaking the bastard curse.

Rejection– bitterness – rebellion … are very noticeable in a person under the bastard curse. The conception results from the spirit of LUST, not LOVE. True love involves protecting and providing, things not present when the child is conceived. Demons of lust will follow all children of the line involved.

Other sexual demons will appear, follow the children and try to gain entrance. Most babies conceived as bastards are not wanted by either of the parents. The child may have excessive problems with rejection, lust, anger, hate, envy and jealousy. Many are unsettled, irresponsible and have difficulty in maintaining a steady job, church membership or staying in a marriage. Not all persons are affected like this but many are. The "vagabond curse" (wandering) is very common in bastards.

Having an intimate relationship, getting along with co-workers, sexual impurity and sexual lust, alcohol and drug use, fascination with crime, the occult and witchcraft are noted in many cases. Spirits of Jezebel, Ahab, automatic failure, self-hatred and CDS (compulsive disorder syndrome ) may be present. The person may function in either of two extremes – confrontational or withdrawn (refusing to handle situations).

Some children, conceived out of wedlock, know in the womb that they are not wanted if abortion is attempted or considered. The "spirit of murder" can enter at this time. They become hardened in their hearts and have difficulty in receiving love, friendship and in giving these things to others. Many will chose a mate who will not give or receive love (spirit of coldness).

II SAMUEL 11:2-5 – David conceived a bastard child. This adultery resulted in a murder to cover up the sexual sin, then the child died. David’s household was cursed with the sword, his wives were taken by others, rape occurred in the family. Is there a sword in your family? Adultery, murder, abortion, incest, wandering, insecurity, sexual sins…all these may arise from and out of the bastard curse. Take notice! Ask the Holy Spirit to show you if this curse exists in your family line (generational curse).

This bastard curse is broken with deep-seated repentance and God''s forgiveness of this sin. Realize that God takes this very seriously, for this curse can go on for 10 generations. Break the bastard curse, cast out the bastard-connected demons, pray for healing of the broken spirit, hurt, wounds, rejection, shame. Accept God's love and His total forgiveness. Renew your mind in the Lord. (Rom 12:1-2)

The bastard curse is rampant world-wide and is affecting all races of people. It is destroying the lives of the children conceived out of wedlock. God will bring judgment upon those who continue this practice. God will forgive. The curse of the bastard can be broken. Jesus is ready and willing to help those caught in this curse and its destruction.

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